Terms of Sale


A copy of the following “Terms & Conditions of Sale” are provided to each customer when a product is purchased from Trio Ceramica Pty Ltd, wheather Online, Over the Phone, Email or in person. It is up to the customer to read and acknowledge these terms.

• All Sales are final once deposit received or written confirmation provided, and actioned immediately.
• Deposits are non-refundable.
• Full Payment must be made before Delivery.
• Natural Stone is from the earth, and will vary in colour/pattern. This is part of the products beauty.

All Tiles to be inspected prior to install, and fixed per Australian Building Code and Industry standards.
Installation of any tiles purchased from TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD will be taken as acceptance of the tile (including size, quality, type and shade). TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD will not take acceptance for faults or failure of product following install.
Quantities approximated by TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD are approximates only. TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD will not accept responsibility/costs for any orders based on these approximates. It is the Clients responsibility to supply accurate quantities for ordering.
TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD cannot guarantee that the same shade, batch or size tiles will be available as previous orders. If client does not request this be checked, an alternate shade or batch will be supplied.
TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD will not be held liable for any cost incurred to client for breakages, damage, loss of goods or time restraints under any circumstance.

If an order is valued under $2,500, full payment will be required upfront.
Deposit required for orders over the above $2,500 will be calculated at 30%.
Deposit required for all INDENT/CUSTOM orders will be calculated at 60%.
Deposit is non-refundable.
Any payment or written confirmations on orders will be taken as acceptance of goods/service, any amendments to order after this time will be treated as a new order or request for refund or return.
All goods must be paid for and cleared in TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD’s account prior to Delivery or Pick up.
Payment and collection/delivery of goods must be within 7 days of goods being packed and ready for pick up.
Any order that is not collected in the time frame listed above will result in $75 per pallet per month.
Ownership/Title of any goods supplied by TRIO CERMICA PTY LTD will only be transferred to customer upon final payment.
Should the purchaser not provide full payment for product taken, TRIO CERAMICA is hereby irrevocably authorized by the purchaser to enter the Premises of Purchaser (or any premises under the control of the purchaser or as agent of the Purchaser if the goods are stored at such premises) and use reasonable and appropriate force to take possession of the goods without liability for the tort of trespass, negligence or payment of any compensation to the purchaser whatsoever.
If final payment cannot be made by the customer, or no contact is made one month after order is ready, the tiles and any monies paid will be forfeited to TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD.

Customers who pick up their orders from our Shop Front or Warehouse will be considered a delivery.
Deliveries are quoted as kerbside only, via HIAB (Truck with Crane) or Van, depending on the size of order.
No courier or driver will handle the goods once placed. This includes moving or lifting boxes off packed pallet.
Goods requiring delivery with a FORKLIFT will need to be specified by customer, and quoted accordingly.
TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD cannot give guaranteed times on deliveries, unless VIP service used.
TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD will not be responsible for any breakages or damage to product after delivery. All products must be inspected and signed off day of delivery.
A small amount of cracking/chips on the tile edges is acceptable, and should be used as offcuts by the installer.
Excessive chipping will need to be inspected by TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD to determine if it is a manufacturer fault.
TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD will not compensate for delays in deliveries. Delays in deliveries does not entitle customer the right to refuse delivery or a refund on any goods.
It is the client’s responsibility to have someone on site to accept the Delivery. Appropriate persons will be contacted prior to arrival, where available. It is not the drivers’ responsibility to check ID or title of persons accepting the goods.
Couriers & Contractors have the right to charge “waiting time” for deliveries, passed onto the customer.

A Deposit is required for all Installation work completed by Trio Ceramica.
Install Deposits are fully refundable if at least 2 weeks of prior notice is given.
5 Day terms on the below rates :
Under $5,000 30% Deposit, remainder on completion.
Over $5,000 10% Deposit, 50% mid-way and remainder on completion.
Over $20,000 10% Deposit, and remainder at 30% intervals.

TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD will not refund or return product due to “change of mind” or excess amounts.
Any returns or refunds must be approved by a TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD salesperson within 7 days of delivery.
Under no circumstances is a refund or return guaranteed.
Any discrepancies with order or delivered goods must be reported to TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD within 24 hours of acceptance of goods. TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD may not be able to re-supply or replace goods, as different shades, batch and sizes may be available at the time.
Any goods accepted for return must be returned in full box quantity, undamaged and in original packaging, No loose pieces or sheets can be returned.
Refunds or cancellations will be issued against original tax invoice less 30% re-stocking fee.
Any Returns, which are accepted by TRIO CERMICA PTY LTD, will incur a pick up and re-delivery fee. This fee will be charged to the customer. This does not apply to stock which is deemed faulty, damaged or incorrect.
Strictly NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS on Commercial Quantities, Sale product, Custom Orders or Indent Orders.
Strictly NO REFUNDS OR RETURNS on Glues, Grouts and ancillary items.
CONSULTING FEES of $220 each will be credited per each $1,000 spent on orders, with-in 6 months.
SAMPLES purchased will be refunded on return to our shop or warehouse, with-in 3 months.

All pricing is quoted in $AUD and as per current price lists. Pricing is subject to change in accordance to supplier pricing and exchange rates at any given time. All Quotes are valid for 30days unless stated otherwise.

Are man made/kiln fired products and can inherit the following traits upon manufacture:
1. Variation in shade, sizes, shape, colour, thickness, finish and grain.
TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD will not refund or replace product based on the above as these factors are out of our control. Any variations or issues that occur outside of Australian standards will be assessed and addressed on a case by case basis only.
Porcelain/Ceramic Tiles: 1% Sizing variation, 0.5% Curve variation, 0.5% Side straightness variation allowed.
All polished and semi polished porcelain are subject to “Optical Hazing/Crazing/Fine cracks”. This does not affect the technical performance of the product, nor a fault.

No natural stone will be warranted. Natural Stone is a product sourced from the earth and cannot be replicated or reproduced to match a prior batch. Variations in colour, vein, finish, size and thickness can be expected. Variation within a natural product is a feature not a fault.
Correct sealant and care is required prior and post installation with all stones. This is at the responsibility of the installer and Customer/End user.
Natural Stone Variation Standards: 10% in Sizing & Thickness.

Mosaics can be factory or hand sheeted. Due to the small sizes of some of the pieces it is expected that chipping/cracking may occur, this can be more or less noticeable upon grouting. Excessive chipping will need to be inspected by TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD to determine if it is a manufacturer fault.
Glass mosaics are open to chipping within the manufacturing process. This can be between 5-9% per sheet. This being present does not entitle client to refund, return or credit.

Handmade or Hand painted tiles will have common occurring dents, chips and uneven thickness and sizes. This is a feature of the product, not a fault. Colour and painted strokes will be different in every tile, as per its feature.

If custom sizing is requested, factory/labour and shipping costs will be charged to the customer.
As with regular Tiles/Natural Stone, sizing variation will also occur during this secondary cutting process.

It is the sole responsibility of builder and/or specifier to ensure that Commercial Building codes are met prior to purchase and installation. TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD cannot be held liable for tiles supplied or installed that do not meet these codes/standards.
TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD can provide Slip Resistance certificates for some products upon request.

TRIO CERAMICA PTY LTD will not be held liable in any instance for any product post installation. All Tiles, stone and mosaic require different care. It is the clients’ responsibility to ensure the right product and care is taken for product purchased.