Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I start?

Simply find a tile that you love, it’s that simple.
Typically a room will have 2-3 different tiles.
Don’t worry about sizes, usability, slip rating, etc.. Let the staff at Trio Ceramica do that for you, that it what we are hear for.
If something does not work, we will offer an alternative.

After you have selected the tiles you love, the area will need to be measured.
This can be done yourself, from a builder, or our staff can come out to do it for you.
Once the order is placed, we select a day for delivery and a truck will deliver your tiles.

What does rectified mean?

A Rectified tile means that when the tile was manufactured, each piece is cleanly cut.
The edges are perfectly straight, and you can install the tiles very close to one another.
The highest grade of Porcelain tiles are rectified.

Non-Rectified tiles can be labelled “cushion edge” or “soft edge”. This means the edge of the tile is slightly round, and will need a slightly bigger gap when grouting.
Costs are lower for a non-rectified product.

Will Natural Stone/Marble stain?

There is a very big misconception that all types of natural stones and marble require large amounts of upkeep and maintenance, this is simply not the case.
When the product is installed by a good tiler, the stone is sealed. Modern day sealers work alot better than those on the market 10 years ago, and they repeal water and stains quite well for a long time.
The only area we recommend sealing repeatedly every few years is your shower floor, which is as easy as applying a few coats of clear paint.

How do I clean/seal marble?

We sell SureSeal Cleaners and Sealers.
Which come in easy spray bottles, or larger sizes for commercial use.

SureSeal cleaners can be used on any marble/stone and even porcelain, without leaving a stain or changing colour.

When your tiles are installed, they are usually sealed. 1-2 years down the track, you may want to seal them again. This is a very easy process.
Let the area dry, apply the clear sealer with a paintbrush or cloth, and let it dry. Repeat again for best results.
Our SureSeal sealers will not change the colour or texture of your stone.
You are also able to seal your grout too.

Can a regular Tiler install panels?

Porcelain Panels require a specialist installer, some tilers do , some don’t. Make sure you ask. If you have doubts, we have a list of installers who are capable. Also Stonemasons who install benchtops are capable of installing porcelain panels.

Do your marble mosaics come in little pieces?

Absolutely not. All marble mosaics come pre-assembled on a meshed backing, usually around the 30x30cm size.
All the mosaics we sell at Trio Ceramica are specifically made so you never see any join lines, and they seamlessly fit into one another.

Do Porcelain Benchtops chip easily?

Unfortuntely there is alot of bad quality Porcelain Benchtops on the market, and many customers have had bad experiences.
Trio Ceramica spent many years researching and developing a range of Porcelain Benchtops, together only with one of the top brands in the world, Inalco. Our product range is very strong and sturdy, and does not crack or break (even during transport), like many others have. Feel free to pop into our showroom where we conduct live demonstrations on its strength.

Can I purchase tiles if i don't live in Sydney?

Ofcourse you can, we sell and ship tiles to customers in all states of Australia. Large and small orders. You are able to order by Phone or Email, and we use TNT for shipping interstate.

Do you ship overseas?

We only ship to Australia and New Zealand.

Any minimum order requirements?

Different minimum’s for different products ranges, feel free to ask.
Custom Tiles  no minimum
Floor/Wall Tiles – In full box lots, minimum one box.
Porcelain Panels – no minimum
Mosaics – no minimum

Can I get a sample?

We have samples for all of our products which are available from our store, if you live outside of Sydney we are able to ship them to you.
For products valued above $400, samples will need to be purchased.