July 5, 2018


Square tiles are having their moment in the sun and will be around for many seasons to come. Size and shape is the key to unlocking the design detail. My pick is the hand-made square 100x100mm tile. Stick to one colour, and stack straight up for an ageless pattern.

For the kitchen splashback, hand-made square tiles oozes interest, light and shade, a soft and tactile surface, the detail you need to offset cabinetry, workbenches and the rigidness of appliances. Off-white, soft pastels, duck blue, dove greys will keep the cook humming with inspiration.

Adventurous to show your creative side? Try the rich palette of deep blues, turquoise, or moss green in the bathroom. Don’t make the mistake of tiling just the shower (the box look is well and truly over rover). Tile the two shower corner walls from end to end of the bathroom, floor to ceiling. The colour, together with the hand-made look will wrap you in delicious warmth and surprisingly will make your bathroom appear larger. Its a perfect marriage with brass, copper, brushed rose gold taps and fittings. Chrome or black fittings will equally shine. Offset your naked ambition with egg-shell white – 400×400 square matt tiles on the other walls. Keep the square theme going on the floor and if the fall allows go big squares, (600×600, 800×800) here par back the colour to match the existing home tone.

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