Studio Moderne Fretwork

$701 AUD per sqm

Studio Moderne™ by Michael Berman continues to be the gold standard for large format ''architectural'' tiles. The collection represents Berman’s exploration of iconic Californian architectural styles from Art Deco to Palm Springs Modernism. Featuring ceramic tile with dimensions as large as 18 inches by 20 inches, the collection inspires homeowners and designers to transcend the boundaries of the kitchen and bathroom and to redefine their perception of tile. Studio Moderne provides the tools to create new focal points in the home, using tile as distinctive pieces of architectural decoration for applications as diverse as a dining room wall, foyer or outdoor patio.

Available in colours Coconut Matt, Ecrus Gloss/Crackle, Mica Gloss/Crackle, Plaster Gloss/Crackle.

Residential: Bathroom walls/floors, shower walls, vanity tops and kitchen backsplashes.
Commercial: Interior vertical surfaces.

Ceramic. 45.7×50.8 cm. Matt, or Gloss and Crackle finish.