$139 AUD per sqm

Collection Iseo: Large-format porcelain tiles in a slimline SLIMMKER version or standard thickness. Bush-hammered finish in Gris colour with a marble-effect pattern. Available in non-slip finishing.

Natural materials in a pure state like granite inspire the surface of Iseo. Warm colours depict a conglomerate rock pattern evocative of newly quarried stone, with an elegant bush-hammered texture that conveys the features of honed stones applied to the decoration of spaces. Iseo sums up the charm and variety of nature merged with the latest style and trends.

Porcelain. 0.5×1, 1.1, 1×2.5, 1.5×1.5, 1.5×3 m. 6 mm thickness. 5, 6, 10 mm thickness (1×1 m). Bush-Hammered Finish