Tangent Merge

$1,569 AUD per sqm

Stone Mosaic
A Tangent is defined as ”a line that touches but does not intersect a curve.” It is a word that describes geometry, but also one used to describe heading off in directions unknown. Both definitions are appropriate for our new collections of decorative stone mosaics, in which abstract geometry and mid century modern design influences merge with the beauty of natural stone, creating a richness that will beguile you anew each time you see it.

Available in colours Calacatta/Ash Grey/Black, Linen.

Residential: All interior surfaces, including bathroom walls/floors, shower walls/ floors* and kitchen backsplashes. Exterior walls*.
Commercial: Interior and exterior walls and interior floors.

Stone Mosaic. 41.2×23.4 cm. Honed finish

Walker Zanger