Sterling Row Argyle

$1,184 AUD per sqm


Like the elegant suit of well dressed gentlemen, Sterling Row™ tiles are exquisitely tailored in both shape and color. Created from a combination of porcelain tile and marble in tones of gray, white and black, the designs of Sterling Row are inspired by the elegant feel of fine fabrics, the richness of burnished leather and the luxuriously appointed shops of the finest tailors in London, Manhattan and Paris. Sterling Row offers the look of exquisite wood and marble inlay that can be used in any space of the home, and most commercial applications, with minimal maintenance.

Available in colours Charcoal and Linen.

Residential: All interior surfaces, exterior walls and pool lines.
Commercial: All interior surfaces, including heavy pedestrian traffic flooring. Exterior walls and water features.

Porcelain. 38.7×63.3 cm. Natural finish.

Walker Zanger